Gemide On board

by Serdar Akar

1999 Selection

TURKEY 1999 1h42

Feature Film

Everything is in order on board but everyone is bored to death. The captain and his crew-mates, Kamil and Alt are smoking hash and chatting as they have done it a thousand times.They're waiting for their friend, Boxer, who's shopping ashore.
When he arrives, swimming, he has distressing news for them: he has been beaten and robbed. He has lost all their money. Mad as hell, they decide to leave the boat and to look for the robbers in order to get some revenge. When they find them, they loose their mind in a violent explosion. The captain beats a robber half to death leaving him bleeding on the street. Then they come back on board with money, food and... a woman. She's beautiful and a total stranger. They decide to hide her from the captain.
She's to be a helpless and innocent victim lost in the middle of violent men.