7/25 [Nana-Ni-Go]

by Wataru Hayakawa

1999 Selection

JAPAN 1999 1h07

Feature Film

A fresh whiff of air for contemporaries who have lost touch on their journey through everyday reality. Forest and city, a scientist and a detective, Bach's cello sonatas and the Book of Revelation-two stories intertwine and provoke.
Fumihisa is a botanist living in solitude in a northern forest. One day, a friend asks him to point out a special species of maple to a craftsperson of musical instruments. This tree is an important one in his studies, as it is in danger of extinction. Yet they say the wood used for making outstanding Stradivarius cellos. Should he do as requested?
Hazuki is a private investigator in Tokyo. He is commissioned to catch a woman who shoplifts at a certain discount store each 25th day of the month. He's not successful.
He quits his job and travels to his hometown, only to unexpectedly find her at a local church. What shall he do?
As the two stories unravel, the mysterious day 7/25 (July 25th) is drawing near....