Le Mani forti

by Franco Bernini

1997 Selection

ITALY 1997 1h34

Feature Film

Claudia is a successful psychoterapist, an attractive woman in her thirties. For a couple of months she has been treating a patient named Tancredi. During one of their regular sessions, he tells Claudia an horrific story that strikes home and deeply involves her. Tancredi claims to be a journalist. He was in Bosnia, and witnessed a shell attack first band. But the details, the particulars ofthe tragedy he relates, are identical to those of an event that devastated Claudia's life. The explosion of the bomb in Plazza della Loggia which killed her younger sister. Claudia becomes suspicious. She starts making enquiries, then she finds out that Tancredi is lying about everything, even his identity, but he has described the bombing as accurately as sormeone who was there. Claudia is determined to discover the truth and continues to work with her patient, establishing a strange understanding with him. When he finally owns up to taking part in the massacre, not only does Claudia for­ give him but she also tries to convince him to take pan in a desperate battle with her. Tancredi is not ready. They go their separate ways, but their destinies are still inextricably linked. Claudia takes the information to a judge, an inquiry is opened but someone is doing everything possible to stop it.