by Erik Skjoldbjærg

1997 Selection

NORWAY 1997 1h37

Feature Film

Jones Engström, a swedish policeman working in Oslo is sent in a town of northern Norway to investigate the murder of a young woman, Tanja. During a watchout set up to catch the killer, he accidentely, kills Erik Vit, his bestfriend and colleague. Meanwhile the suspect manages to escape. In order to hide his deadly mistake, Engström lies to explain how Vik was killed. After finding the weapon of the young woman killer’s on the crime scene, he hides it then steals his own bullet from Vik's body to replace it by a bullet from the stolen gun. During questioning, Eilert, Tanja's boyfriend, admits to the policeman that she was seing another man. Engström eventually finds his name thanks to the Testimony of a victim's friend. The mysterious lover is none other than Jon Holt, a famous novelist. After planting the compromising gun in Eilert’s room, Engström starts to harass Holt who denies having killed Tanja but claims he has witnessed Vik’s death. The policeman is now afraid of being blackmailed and ready to get rid of Holt. In the meantime, his young female partner is getting very suspicious on his behalf...