Budbringeren | Junk Mail

by Pål Sletaune

1997 Selection

NORWAY 1997 1h23

Feature Film

Roy is a wreck of a love-starved wailman ruled by curiousity, a mean streak and a mighty ability to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has no respect for others privacy or property, suf­fers from an acute lack of professional ethics, steals mail, insults his few friends and colleagues and lives in a dump of a studio apartment where, for the third time in three years, his polish neighbour is reno­vating the next-door apartment with a jackhammar. Life goes in small circles for Roy, and all news is old news. Nothing exciting ever really happens. But one day, something actually does happen on his appointed rounds. A young woman, Line, forgets her keys in the mailbox. After a barely noticeable moments hesitation, Roy goes up to the apartment and unlocks the door. As soon as he steps over the threshold, his life takes a different turn. And the more he discovers, the more he involves himself in something far more dangerous than opening other peoples mail. “Budbringeren ” is a black comedy about love, money that no one wants, cold canned spaghetti, karaoke, involuntary good deeds, rutting and the joy of being comatose.