by Yoonho Yang

1996 Selection


Feature Film

Yuri is a young monk of 33 years. He goes into "Yuri", an arid barren waste land, a sense of Utopia. He runs, bare naked not wearing a thread, with the question, "What is death?".
Yuri kills a high ranking monk filled with pride, a one-eyed monk filled with prejudice. And he begins to practice only according to himself. The Candle light monk witnessing Yuri's murderous acts looks upon the young man rejecting restrictions and his new practices with eyes filled with curiosity and jealousy.
For the first time in his life Yuri experiences a woman who practices selling her body in the vast land of Yuri. He marries her and they crave to achieve the union of their spirits through their bodies. More than love they are trying to understand death through sex. That is another search of death. Yuri's heart becomes corrupt and he continues his practices. However there is an unforeseen danger lurking there.
When he encounters various people in the village he goes into, Yuri continues his practices without hesita­tion. However in the end he awaits execution for the crime of murder. Who might the executioner be? The Candle light monk, who as a truth seeker was jealous of Yuri, appears.