Soul Survivor

by Stephen Williams

1995 Selection

CANADA 1995 1h29

Feature Film

A contemporary urban tale in Toronto's Jamaican community and the story about a young man finding himself in an alien environment.
Tyrone Taylor reluctantly works in a beauty salon. Constantly late and slow in completing his menial tasks, he dreams of becoming a success someday. He starts working for Winston Price the local entrepre­neur, owner of a successfil club and local money lender. Reuben, Tyrone's cousin, an irresponsible and free-thinking musician and gambler, owes a considerable sum. Reuben continues to default on his pay­ments and enlists others to start boycott of Winston's business. In his quest for success, Tyrone soon becomes disillusioned with his debt collecting duties for Winston. He is caught between the competing forces of morality and expedience.