Los Hijos del viento | Les Enfants du vent

by Fernando Merinero

1995 Selection

SPAIN 1995 1h55

Feature Film

Fernando, a young criminologist who lives in Madrid, travels to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to meet Magaly again. She is a Cuban woman he defended in Court and helped in her get-away from Spain several years before. He is married and has a four-years-old daughter and is reaching the critical point in the failure of his marriage. He aims at beginning a new life. Magaly is a dominating and fascinating woman. She has had a hard life since the death of her four-years-old son, when she was still young in Cuba. From then, her life was very upset and she has been looking for stability, but has not found her roots yet. She tries to find than in Panama, near her own island, where she will travel soon to settle down with Neli, a girl from Las Palmas, who works in a whore house and keeps up a sexual and affective relation with her. She will try to recover her lost son in her meeting with Fernando.