Denise Calls Up | Denise au téléphone

by Hal Salwen

1995 Selection


Feature Film

Linda drags herself out of bed in the morning, turns on her word-processor, drops a cordless phone into the pocket of her robe, and begins her day, cleaning up the table of untouched catered food. It seems she gave a party last night and it didn't work out so well. The cordless phone rings and she answers it. It's her hyper work-obsessed friend, Gale who apologizes for not making it last night. She really wanted to, but you know how it is. Gale calls her ex-boyfriend, Frank. He too regrets not making it last night, but he was just so swallowed up. Gale relates. Everybody's been so busy. Nobody's seen each other in... well, years. Frank calls Jerry, a guy who practically lives in his bed. Jingers forever tapping at his keyboard. Jerry, feeling bad for not making it calls his friend Martin to air his guilt. Martin tells him he read an article about “these women who arc very very busy and don't have time for relationships, and they're desparate to have children...". Feeling for them, Martin donated sperm. And now, this pre­gnant woman named Denise just called to let him know she's pregnant with his child. The sperm bank gave her his name and... She just called to thank him. Just thank him.
A modern fable about love, alienation and the folly of human relationships. Will they ever get together? Will they ever get off the phone? What is the meaning of death? These are just some of the questions of the film, a romantic touching suspenseful, and constantly hilarious story of six extremely hardworking young urbanites, and one offbeat innocent named Denise.