Don’t Call Me Frankie

by Thomas A. Fucci

1993 Selection

FRANCE 1993 1h10

Feature Film

Up until a week ago, three things gave meaning to Frank Connally's life : his wife, his two kids and his 11.683 records. The records came first. His wife, disgusted she came second, grabbed the kids, emptied the bank account, sold the records and split, leaving Frank alone, without a family and, worst of all, without his music.
Frank takes a room in a flea bag hotel on the dark side of town where all he wants to do is simply listen to a few of his favorite songs. Then quietly put a bullet throught his head. Anonymously, of course, without bothering anyone or without anyone bothering him. A simple enough plan, no? No way.
No matter how patiently Frank tries getting on with ending his life, everyone and everything, from an act of God to the strange cast of characters roaming the hotel with their bizarre problems, keeps getting in his way.
Frank thought the last twenty four hours have been hell. He doesn't have a clue what the next twenty four have in store for him.