by Francesco Martinotti

1993 Selection

ITALY 1993 1h27

Feature Film

A restaurant the Titano located along the shore, in the middle of nowhere, so far from the rest of the world that is called Abissinia. Antonio is hired as a waiter eventhough the restaurant is empty, the only people around being those who work there. The place is haunted by another presence, that of Francesca, an attractive, sensual forty year old woman, an ex-cabaret singer who is deeply dissatisfied with life and promises nothing but trouble.The arrival of Renato San­ talmassi breaks that still, sluggish atmosphere at the Titano. A few times later only three are left now at the Titano : a somber and impassive Pagnini, a desperate Francesca, and caught in between in a dangerous game o fpassion and lies, Antonio...