Du mich auch | Et moi alors

by Anja Franke, Dani Levy & Helmut Berger

1987 Selection


Feature Film

Et moi alors is the story of two young people in Berlin. A love story - comic but also tragic. The liaison has in some ways lost its savour. The erotic side o f the affair has taken a down turn and the young lovers remember with regret the excitement of their first kiss and other symptoms of love‘s awakening.
They have disputes. Physical fights. Nothing seems right any longer. They separate. A trite story...
Until they stumble by chance on a dead body. They are followed by sinister individuals. They run away into the night. Without a safe hiding-place our two hungry heros wander through the darkened streets o f the big city. Threa­tened with being followed, they draw closer to one ano­ther ; they try to find their lost love. They sleep in the street. Get lost. Find one another again. Make their escape on the rooftops. Are beaten up. Continue to live - almost as in real life.
They names are Romeo and Juliet.