by Amos Gitaï

1986 Selection


Feature Film

Having invited the people of Suse to a gorgeous banquet, King Assuerus oders Queen Vashti to appear in front of his guests to show them how beautiful she is. Vashti refuses and the king decides to choose another Queen.
Beautiful Esther is chosen, but her uncle Mardochée advices her not to reveal that she is jewish. Furious to see that Mardochée refuses to bend down in front of him, Haman, the Chief Counci­lor, depicts the Jews to the King as dangerous foes. Assuerus gives all the power to Haman who orders all the jews to be killed in one day. Mardochée requests Esther to beg the King not to exterminate the Jews. During a banquet in the presence of Assuerus and Haman, Esther tells the king she’s jewish and that because of Haman, the Jews are about to be exterminated throughout the Kingdom. Furious the King orders his First Councellor to be hanged at the gallows that had been erected for Mardochée and allows the Jews to defend themselves.
The very day they were supposed to be extermina­ted, armed and sticking together, the Jews massa­cre and plunder their enemies.