Les Rêves de la ville City Dreams

by Mohammed Malas

1984 Selection

SYRIA 1984

Feature Film

DAMASCUS -1950. The father has died in Kuneitra. The child, his young mother, and his little bro­ther leave for the big city : Damascus.
Here Dib grows up, borne on the dynamism of a city in search of heros. On one hand, the shut-in world of his mother ; on the other, the street. (a military dictatorship collapses. 1956 : the Suez Canal is nationalized. 1958 : the union between Syria and Egypt)... Everybody bears a song and a dream. But the boy must witness his mother enter a marriage that brings only humiliation.
And he must see a man kill his own brother. The wounded child stares at the fu ll moon in the sky.
The dream is still there, as the city breaks against it.