by Uwe Schrader

1984 Selection

F.R.G 1984 1h02

Feature Film

In Kreuzberg, in the Berlin of poor neighbo­rhoods, where there are seedy bars with blaring jukeboxes and the outcasts o f a society in crisis, two down - and - out individuals try to recover equilibrium, hunt for afoothold.
At 40 he had lost his wife, who has been worn down by destitution and drudgery. She, she never got over the departure of her former boyfriend, a Turkish emigré who went off to work in Sudan, and who will certainly forget her and stop sending that occasional check.
Their encounter - their stormy and pathetic relationship in a world where human feeling, and hopes, crushed by the wan neon lights and the smell of alcohol, wilt in the instinct of preservation - is the source of a film forged out of a painful realism.