Itsvan, a kiraly Stephen, the King | Etienne, le roi

by Gábor Koltay

1984 Selection


Feature Film

In 996, the Prince Geza married off his son Ist­van to the beautiful Gizella, daughter of Henry II the Quarrelsome, Duke of Bavaria. But with her came as well the Christian Evangelists and the German knights.
The Hungarian lords, jealous of their tribal traditions, followel with hostility the ensuing events.
In 997, Geza died. A conflict erupted between Koppany, the eldest, and thus in line as the heir, and Istvan, whom Geza, according to Christian law, had wished to see as his successor.
The film is about this struggle, which determi­ned the destiny of Hungary. In the end, Istvan triumphed and the nation embraced Christianity.
On December 23, In the year 1000, the royal crown was placed on Istvan's head.