Au-delà du chagrin et de la douleur

by Agneta Elers-Jalerman

1984 Selection

SWEDEN 1984 1h20

Feature Film

Sharing the same interests can often lead to love. That’s what happened to Agneta and Jean, beginning in 1972, at the Stockholm film school where both were enrolled. But in 1977, a car acci and his war may be only a tango danced in Lon-
Here Dib grows up, born on the dynamism of mental faculties. He was committed to a asylum for the elderly where his case was considered hopeless. Yet this diagnosis was belied by Agneta, determined to visit him regularly, to make her presence felt despite his emotional and sensory handicaps. As much as possible, Jean’s condition improved, he recovered means o f expression, per­ception and feeling.
This struggle with and for Jean, these efforts that lasted over a five year period, are the subject of this film by Agneta Elers Jalerman : “On the limits of Sorrow and Pain”.