Un amour d'Aliénor

by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet

Next Step 2018


Feature Film

In Un Amour d’Aliénor, Charline continues mapping Tenderland choosing the walk down love triangle street. Aliénor is a young “Parisienne”, recently separated. She meets Daniel, an older man with whom she has a light and joyful relationship. Emilie, Daniel’s partner, is a brilliant, independent woman, a writer and university professor who likes to isolate herself in the countryside to write. Although unaware of their relationship, her obstinate shadow hovers between Daniel and Aliénor. The latter, both seduced and fascinated by Emilie’s personality, decides to inquire about her, this woman she intends to meet…
Madly in love with love itself, Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet intends to explore the convolutions of feelings and desire through these three characters whose journey will be the heartbeat of the film. Un Amour d’Aliénor is meant to be a zesty, delicate comedy where humorous dialoguesand situations will be intertwinedwith deep feelings and sensuous bodies.